Podcasting 101: Staying Organized

It’s safe to say we aren’t the most organized of the bunch…but we bring in our organizational skills when it counts (a.k.a. wine tours and Snuba excursions). When it comes to our podcast, we try and keep things under control by splitting the tasks – one of the perks of podcasting with your best friend!

We are by no means experts – but here are a few of our favorite tips that might help you if you’re working on a podcast too!

List Your Goals

We love a good list, especially when it comes to podcasting goals. Starting a podcast was Katie’s idea and something Rach had been wanting to do, so once we started chatting about it, all these ideas came to the surface. We just started jotting down all our ideas and it wasn’t long before we had a full list of possible episodes, fellow podcasters we wanted to collab with, and fun things we wanted to do on social media.

The hardest part was coming up with the actual name of our podcast. Thank God for Katie who really helped a girl out…that was all her! Rach couldn’t come up with anything beyond “casual adventures” to save her life.

Keep Track of Episodes

Speaking of lists, we roughly planned out our seasons and which episodes we wanted to record when. If you’ve tuned in to Help a Girl Out, you know that we talk about anything and everything, so we tried to highlight general themes to make sure we mixed it up with each episode. By the time we got through the first few episodes, everything fell into place and we had a good plan moving forward.

Remember, podcasting should be FUN. Whether you’re podcasting solo or with a friend, you should genuinely enjoy the process. Sure, it takes time and effort, but the more you enjoy it, the more you’ll get out of it. It’s okay if you aren’t on a super strict schedule, especially when just starting out. Focus on having fun, podcasting about things you’re passionate about, and building an organic community. The rest should fall into place.

Stay Active on Socials

We may be a little random, but we like it that way – and our amazing supporters don’t seem to mind (or if they do, they don’t say anything…so y’all are the real MVPs!). There’s only one way to get the word out about your podcast, and that’s to share it far and wide. We built our beloved HAGO Insta fam from the ground up, starting with our lovely family and friends before connecting with other podcasters.

It was so exciting to get in touch with different podcasters and people from so many countries around the world who stumbled upon our page and started listening to our podcast. It sounds like a cliché, but it really is so important to create a sense of community on socials and stay connected. Of course you need a healthy balance, but you will be surprised how many people show your podcast some love on Instagram and Facebook, even if you haven’t met in person.

Explore Podcasting Resources

Within a few months of starting our podcast, we started chatting with others who were at the same stage as us or planning for a new podcast. We went back and forth sharing different resources, and more than a year into it, we still love our Anchor platform as much as we did the day we started.

If you’re thinking about podcasting and you want a simple platform with built-in advertising and a strong community to support you along the way, we highly recommended Anchor.fm. We love how it integrates easily with Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We also love the additional advertising opportunities with PODGO. Click HERE to learn more about PODGO and if you want to sign-up, add Help a Girl Out to the referral section for an extra bonus (cha-ching!).

You know your girls – we are frugal except for the rare adventure excursion – so we are happy to help with free podcasting resources that have worked well for us!

That’s it for now – happy podcasting!

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