4 Reasons Why You Need Wine Tours Victoria In Your Life

If you’ve listened to our podcast, you know we are obsessed with wine tours…but not just any old wine tours. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to Wine Tours Victoria and here’s why this local tour business needs to go at the top of your Melbourne, Australia bucket list.

Renowned Wine Regions

Rach knew absolutely nothing about wine when she boarded her first Wine Tours Victoria bus to Mornington Peninsula. She sure picked it up quick! What’s awesome about Wine Tours Victoria is that they go to all four of Melbourne’s wine regions – Yarra Valley (where a lot of other tours go…but this is next level!), Mornington, Bellarine, and Macedon Ranges. They are all different and beautiful in their own way, and you get to go to an awesome mix of the most popular wineries and some hidden gems to expand your wine worldview.

View from a beautiful Yarra Valley vineyard

Safe, Stylish Transport

Want to rock up to a winery in style? Wine Tours Victoria has you covered. Get picked up in Melbourne, then sit back and relax while experienced drivers get you to and from every destination safely. It’s so much better than having someone in your group sit out from the wine tasting just so they can drive. Plus the hosts are so incredibly welcoming and make you feel right at home, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned wine tour pro like yours truly.

Excellent Company

Every Wine Tours Victoria trip is so fun because you’re in a small group and get to really meet and connect with the others. We’ve been on other tours where there’s 20, 30 people, and yes it’s still fun but you don’t get that same sense of connection. We’ve met so many lovely people on our tours, and no matter how young or old, we all share laughs over our love of wine. And don’t get us started on the tour hosts…they are so fabulous and accommodating. They really make the whole trip and leave us no choice but to sign up for another tour so we can enjoy more wonderful memories.

Bruce and Carol from Gun Barrel City, Texas.

Trevor Time

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Trevor. As the leader of Wine Tours Victoria, Trevor is a true treasure – incredibly kind, knowledgeable about wine, and willing to put up with shenanigans (and by shenanigans, we mean making constant comments about how much we love him and his tours). After eight tours with him, we like to think we’re expert ambassadors, although Trevor may beg to differ considering we throw out random “forest floors” and “hint of orange” after every sip. If you want a personalized wine tour in a small group (or even just with a few close friends if you get really lucky!), Wine Tours Victoria is the BEST. Hands down!

Take our word for it and see for yourself why we once did three wine tours in a row (yes…Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday). Visit Wine Tours Victoria for more details and tell Trevor we sent you…we are sure he will be thrilled and he deserves it!

Rachael and Trevor

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