4 Wineries You Have to Visit in Victoria

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Cheers to good wine and amazing adventures! Whether you’re visiting Victoria, Australia, or living it up in Melbourne, you don’t want to miss the state’s gorgeous wine regions. There are hundreds of beautiful wineries to explore, but if we had to choose our top four, these are definitely it!

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Favourite Wineries in Victoria

Domaine Chandon – Yarra Valley

There are so many wineries to consider, but one that absolutely belongs on our list of favorites is Domaine Chandon. Chandon is one of Australia’s premium wine brands, especially if you love sparkling wines like us. Every time we go they give us the same lesson on the difference between champagne and sparkling wine, and we can’t complain because we’re getting a cheeky extra sample or two.

Just the entrance alone makes you feel like you’re a celebrity arriving via helicopter, and the private tasting room and adorable gift shop make it that much better. However, our highlight has to be the huge deck with panoramic views of the valley in all its green glory. That’s the perfect way to enjoy a glass of bubbly in the morning, hands down.

Tokar Estate – Yarra Valley

Don’t even get Katie started on Tokar. We were still in the van pulling up the driveway and she was already telling us about her plants to get married there. It’s simply that exquisite – and on a blue sky day in Yarra Valley, it’s a can’t miss. We also love that its family-owned and operated, as you can sense the passion in everything they do.

If you’re a fan of European hospitality and crisp, refreshing wine, then we highly recommend Tokar. The Mediterranean-inspired garden and fabulous lunch made our visit even better. Make sure to try the cab sav and shiraz, and also take a stroll through the vines to see the superb surroundings that put Yarra Valley at the top of our bucket list (even though we’ve already been)!

Jack Rabbit Vineyard – Bellarine

Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula get a lot of recognition (rightfully so), but Bellarine is another incredible wine region about an hour and a half from Melbourne. We were lucky enough to visit Jack Rabbit Vineyard and be blessed with the amazing views of lush vineyards and the ocean out in the distance.

Walking the green grounds after a few generous pours would have been fun enough, but then we got the exquisite dining involved and it just went to the next level. Fine dining in the Jack Rabbit Restaurant is a wonderful way to catch up with friends and take in the sights and sounds of the region. Just be warned – you probably won’t want to leave!

Hanging Rock Winery – Macedon

Okay, not going to lie…it was much harder to pick our top four than you might think. After all, we’ve been on our fair share of wine tours and there’s so much left to explore too. That being said, we could never forget about the Macedon Ranges where the magic all began. Think towering trees, beautiful mountains, and a very mysterious rock (which you should read more about here).

All of that sunning scenery and more is on full display at Hanging Rock Winery, which is close to the lovely country town of Daylesford. If you like fancy sparkling wines and rich shiraz, then you’ll love what’s on offer at the cellar door. Chardonnay and pinot noir lovers aren’t left out either, and with the amazing views of Hanging Rock and Mount Macedon, you really can’t go wrong.

Which Wineries Are Your Favorite?

Got a favorite winery you want us to visit? Let us know what you think in the comments – we are always happy for more wine tours!

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