4 Wineries You Have to Visit in Victoria

Cheers to good wine and amazing adventures! Whether you’re visiting Victoria, Australia, or living it up in Melbourne, you don’t want to miss the state’s gorgeous wine regions. There are hundreds of beautiful wineries to explore, but if we had to choose our top four, these are definitely it! P.S. If you want to seeContinue reading “4 Wineries You Have to Visit in Victoria”

Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Your girl was missing out…I’m sad to say I very rarely had milkshakes until a few years ago. Now I’m all in (much like with ramen noodles if you know what I’m talking about…) and I love a good milkshake. In fact, I’m perfectly fine having a milkshake as a meal….#pictureofhealth. Anyway, so far there’sContinue reading “Best Milkshakes in Melbourne”

4 Reasons Why You Need Wine Tours Victoria In Your Life

If you’ve listened to our podcast, you know we are obsessed with wine tours…but not just any old wine tours. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to Wine Tours Victoria and here’s why this local tour business needs to go at the top of your Melbourne, Australia bucket list. Renowned Wine Regions Rach knew absolutely nothing aboutContinue reading “4 Reasons Why You Need Wine Tours Victoria In Your Life”

Podcasting 101: Staying Organized

It’s safe to say we aren’t the most organized of the bunch…but we bring in our organizational skills when it counts (a.k.a. wine tours and Snuba excursions). When it comes to our podcast, we try and keep things under control by splitting the tasks – one of the perks of podcasting with your best friend!Continue reading “Podcasting 101: Staying Organized”