Plant Powered: The US States Most Likely To Go Vegan

The popularity of veganism has risen twelvefold across the US in the past 7 years. From sports stars to cash strapped families – many people are making a move to a plant based diet.  And according to new research from,¬†Arizona is the joint #18 US state whose residents are the most likely to go vegan.Continue reading “Plant Powered: The US States Most Likely To Go Vegan”

Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Your girl was missing out…I’m sad to say I very rarely had milkshakes until a few years ago. Now I’m all in (much like with ramen noodles if you know what I’m talking about…) and I love a good milkshake. In fact, I’m perfectly fine having a milkshake as a meal….#pictureofhealth. Anyway, so far there’sContinue reading “Best Milkshakes in Melbourne”